Bartholomea planning

Jon Severinsson jon at
Thu Feb 20 17:11:11 EST 2014

With the Aequorea almost done, I have been thinking about how to move
forwards towards Bartholomea. While I'm not sure about everything, I've
written down some notes on my current thinking, hoping it can serve as a basis
for discussion if nothing else. Any comments or other suggestions would be
highly appreciated.

Jon Severinsson

1. Kill our Jenkins instance.
	We don't want it for Bartholomea, and if we need aequorea updates before
	we have debile running we can do manual builds and binary uploads to dak.
	Removing Jenkins rather than keeping it around means one less thing to
	worry about when reconfiguring dak and friends for debile.
2. Clear staging of all packages.
	Everything in there is either broken or fails to build, keeping it around
	only serves to mess up any Bartholomea work we do now.
3. Reconfigure dak & britney
	- aequorea-proposed-updates -> aequorea-updates
	- staging -> bartholomea.
4. Copy aequorea into bartholomea
5. Freeze aequorea from *any* further changes.
	- Updates should go through aequorea-proposed-updates to aequorea-updates.
5. Create a debile setup for aequorea-proposed-updates and staging.
	With brand new aequorea and bartholomea chroots on all buildds.
6. Sync the transition enablers for all planed transitions.
	This will serve as a reasonably sized test of the debile setup while
	preparing for the following steps.
7. Do a one-shot mass sync from jessie/sid.
	Sync from jessie: jessie package version > bartholomea package version
	Sync from sid: jessie upstream version < bartholomea upstream version
		but sid package version > bartholomea package version.
	In both cases obviously ignore packages with a tangluX version number.
8. An automatic rebuild of all packages in bartholomea not built by debile.
	By doing this after the initial sync we get a full archive rebuild for
	bartholomea without unnecessarily building packages twice.
9. Take a few weeks to fix all FTBFS and transitions.
	This will obviously include syncing packages from jessie/sid, but there
	should be no automatic syncs messing things up while we work on this.

2014-04-01: Move all remaining broken packages from bartholomea to staging.
	They can migrate back to bartholomea as they (or dependencies) get fixed
	Start automatic syncs from sid.
2014-05-01: Release bartholomea alpha 1.
2014-06-01: Switch automatic sync from sid to jessie
	Release bartholomea alpha 2.
2014-07-01: Turn of automatic sync
	Release bartholomea beta 1.
	Further betas are released as needed
2014-08-01: Release bartholomea rc1.
	Further release candidates are released as needed.
2014-08-??: Release Tanglu 2.0

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