a reason to switch to tanglu or not

ca2013 at arcor.de ca2013 at arcor.de
Fri Jan 10 12:21:13 EST 2014

> I doubt that any stable desktop user will use the first Tanglu release
> (which will still be bleeding edge in some areas).

Okay, maybe just those stable desktop users that are used to switch
from Debian stable (long-term static) to Debian testing (rolling) after
a while.

Now they can switch from Debian stable to Debian tanglu (dangling)
instead, if they don't really need or want their systems to
neither contentiously roll-on new packages all the time, nor to freeze
over before stable releases.

> Regardless of that, since gnucash is a leaf package, I filed an
> import
> freeze exception. So as long as it passes the tests in staging, you
> can expect gnucash 2.6 in aequorea soon.

Many thanks!
The package seems to work well so far. The only minor issue I
could find was that gnucash-doc is a separate package, and it still
contains the old version's documentation. 

Well, so at the minimum this led me to test installing tanglu by
updating a machine. I'll submit the success report in new thread. :)

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