First impressions and buildd offer

Jon Severinsson jon at
Sat Jan 11 09:45:43 EST 2014


I recently began playing around with Tanglu, mostly to get some hands-on 
experience with a debianish systemd out-of-the-box system.

As the installer didn't work, I did an multistrap, figuring that installing 
tanglu-minimal,  tanglu-standard,  and tanglu-kde would give a minimal but 
useable system. Unfortunately it didn't really do that, as some fairly 
important packages was neither in depends or recommends, and some superfluous 
packages was included in depends. Here is some suggestions for changes you 
might want to make to the tanglu-meta source package:

* Move rsyslog from tanglu-minimal depends to tanglu-standard recommends (it 
is not strictly required when using journald)
* Add dbus to tanglu-standard depends (most systems won't work very well 
without it)
* Add locales and acpi-support to tanglu-standard recommends (I think most 
users will want these)
* Demote dmidecode, ed, ftp, memtest86+, ltrace and strace to recommends in 
tanglu-standard (these may be fairly common tools, but are not really required 
on most systems)
* Add kde-style-oxygen and kde-icons-oxygen to tanglu-kde recommends (the 
other oxygen packages are already there)
* Demote printer-driver-pnm2ppa to recommends in tanglu-kde/-gnome  (it's the 
only printer driver in depends, the rest are already in recommends)
* Remove wpasupplicant and genisoimage from tanglu-kde/-gnome (the gui 
frontends needing them already depends on them)
* Demote inputattach to suggests in tanglu-kde/-gnome (or remove it, how many 
serial-port keyboards/mice/joysticks are still out there?)

I also had a problem with systemd unit files not being enabled properly by the 
postinst scripts when run in a chroot on a sysvinit system, but once I figured 
out what had gone wrong it was not hard to fix, and other than that everything 
seems to work just fine, and I must say I much prefer systemd over both upstart 
and sysvinit :-)

Also, are you still interested in another buildd?
I have a always-on, mostly idle (8 cores with average load of about 1.5), home 
server in my closet (yes, it is literally located in my closet, about 20 cm 
from my spare pyjamas), and if you are interested I could add another lxc 
container and configure it as an buildd. Uptime isn't perfect, as I do use the 
box for experimentation (aka "learning by doing"), but it's not too bad: the 
system is usually not down more than a couple of hours a week...

Jon Severinsson
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