First impressions and buildd offer

Jon Severinsson jon at
Sat Jan 11 11:57:07 EST 2014

At Saturday 11 January 2014 16:28:17 Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> > * Move rsyslog from tanglu-minimal depends to tanglu-standard recommends
> > (it is not strictly required when using journald)
> The journal is not persistent by default on Tanglu - but I don't see
> reasons why we should keep it disabled. I will ask for feedback on
> this.

As long as the journal is not persistent rsyslogd should be in the default 
install, but it should imho not be *required* by tanglu-minimal, it is enough 
if it is *recommended* by tanglu-standard, so it can easily be removed if you 
do configure a persistent journal.

If you choose to enable a persistent journal by default, imho you should not 
install rsyslogd by default, but I don't really care that much, as long as I 
can remove it...

> > * Add dbus to tanglu-standard depends (most systems won't work very well
> > without it)
> dbus is already pulled in by other system core components. The
> desktops, obviously, but also systemd will pull it in.

Actually, systemd only depends on libdbus-1-3 which only *recommends* dbus.

So while a default install will get it, a multistrap with only tanglu-minimal 
and tanglu-standard will leave a system without it, which cased me some 
problems on first boot...

> > * Add locales and acpi-support to tanglu-standard recommends (I think
> > most users will want these)
> acpi-support is pulled by any desktop-environment metapackage on
> Tanglu, and should therefore be present. Making it standard is
> currently not the best idea, due to the packages' dependency on X11
> utils.

OK, I just want to point out that without it the hardware power and reboot 
buttons will not do anything, which is likely to be usefull even on non-x11 

> > * Demote inputattach to suggests in tanglu-kde/-gnome (or remove it, how
> > many serial-port keyboards/mice/joysticks are still out there?)
> Better have this small package present than receive bug reports from
> users with "broken" mice ;-)

OK, but even if you want it by default, a recommends should do, right?

> > Also, are you still interested in another buildd?
> > I have a always-on, mostly idle (8 cores with average load of about 1.5),
> > home server in my closet (yes, it is literally located in my closet,
> > about 20 cm from my spare pyjamas), and if you are interested I could
> > add another lxc container and configure it as an buildd. Uptime isn't
> > perfect, as I do use the box for experimentation (aka "learning by
> > doing"), but it's not too bad: the system is usually not down more than
> > a couple of hours a week...
> We always are interested in build power ;-) After the aequorea release
> in January or February, we will upgrade the build system from Jenkins
> to debile, which will also make the downtime issue less relevant.
> The issue right now is that the machine needs to be accessible from
> the outside via ssh for Jenkins to hook into it.

OK, I'll start setting up a buildd container for you. Access from the outside 
isn't a problem, as long as you can use a non-standard port (port 22 is 
already forwarded to another container).

Jon Severinsson
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