Take a look at broken Tanglu packages now!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sat Jan 11 12:33:50 EST 2014

We are coming closer to a release, but there are still some broken
packages in Tanglu, which are uninstallable due to various reasons.
I compiled at list at QA, which will be updated frequently:
All packages which are still broken at a certain point in time will be
removed from aequorea.
Many packages are still broken due to unfinished transitions[1],
others need some more love with patches to make them work, or there
has to be some installability-conflict solving. Many of these issues
can simply be fixed by issueing rebuild uploads to Tanglu.
So, if there is a package on the list you care about, act now and save it! ;-)

[1]: http://qa.tanglu.org/transitions/

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