David Wright david.wright12886 at
Sat Jan 11 13:46:15 EST 2014

Hi Guys!

Really excited about this project, and would love to contribute in some way to it.

Having looked at the website(s) you have running at the moment I think this is an area I could assist on. The current setup, although practical, is not ideal, and I would suggest switching the site to a buddypress install.

Why Buddypress? Buddypress is an actively developed Wordpress plugin that transforms the site into a community hub, complete with forums, groups, user profiles, collaborative documents, wiki, etc, etc. We could therefore simplify the user experience of the website, as we would not need to rely on sub-domains for some things. We would also have the benefit of a single sign-on.

See for more info.

I think that this would be a really good move for Tanglu, as we can effectively piggyback onto the powerhouse that is Wordpress which will ease maintenance of the websites, and allow us to upgrade and add features very easily. 

If not, it might make a good base for a domain. 

What do you think?



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