Enable persistent systemd-journal by default?

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Jan 12 12:56:29 EST 2014

2014/1/12 Daniel Nicoletti <dantti12 at gmail.com>:
> I'd remove rsyslog from the default install,
> if one really needs it he knows how to do it ;)
Okay, let's do this in a different way:
I just uploaded a new version of the systemd package, which will
enable persistent journald logging on all Tanglu machines. The rsyslog
package will not be installed by default, but suggested by
tanglu-standard. If someone notices problems or has issues with that,
we can revert to the previous state before releasing aequorea.

> 2014/1/11 Matthias Klumpp <matthias at tenstral.net>:
>> Hi!
>> Right now, Tanglu is using the systemd journal in a non-peristent
>> mode, meaning that stuff is logged into a directory in /run to be
>> available for journalctl and systemctl status etc.
>> After Jon's post, suggesting to demote rsyslog to a recommended
>> package because Tanglu could use journal, I was asking myself if we
>> should enable the journal by default and make rsyslog a recommends in
>> tanglu-standard.
>> By doing that, we would get persistent journald logging, as well as
>> traditional syslog-logging. We could also go the Fedora way and remove
>> rsyslog from the default install.
>> References:
>>  - Fedora Features page for journald switch:
>>       https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/systemd-journal
>>  - Introduction to using the journal (with rationale for it):
>>       http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/journalctl.html
>>       http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/systemctl-journal.html
>>  - Short summary on how to use the journal:
>>       https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd#Journal
>> What do you think?
>>  --- Matthias

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