Aw: Take a look at broken Tanglu packages now!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Mon Jan 13 11:29:56 EST 2014

2014/1/13 James D. Tyler <james.d.tyler at>:
> [...]
>> Hi,
>> I want to help fixing some broken packages. My questions:
>> - exist logs for each package to see what's happened?
>> - do I need a build environment or is it enough to build a package
>>   described here: ?
>> - If I built a working package where should I upload it?
>> - Do I need an admission?
In order to rebuild packages, you will need a build-environment /
pbuilder set up. How to do that for Tanglu on any Debian-based distro
is described here:
But this is only needed in case you have to test builds or need to do
binary uploads. Source-only uploads are generally okay, if it's just a
There are some detailed logs about the problems encountered: See for details (the directory
contains a YAML file which explains the issues in detail).
In general, the unfinished transitions are the main problem ;-)
We have a tool on the ftpmasters side which allows mass-rebuilds for
some packages, so if you think that is needed we can run it (but that
has already been done for all current transitions, so new uploads are
Especially take a look at for build failures ;-)
In terms of upload permissions: Are you a Debian Developer/Maintainer
or Ubuntu developer? Do you have packaging experience? Do you have a
gpg-key with a valid trust path to my key or another Tanglu developer?
(we can find that out ^^)
If the answer is no for all of these, I can set up a new directory on
ftp-masters where you can upload to. I will then sign the packages
again and send them to the incoming queue. If that works well, I can
give you full upload permission, which will speed up the process a lot
:-) (and we get notified about each upload by mail, so if there is
something wrong we will notice that)
I hope that helps :-)

> I'm in the same position. ximion wants tarballs with modified changelogs. put
> them on on ftp and he will upload them.  hope that helps.
All of the above applies to you too, of course :-) I really need to
set up the new incoming queue for you. As soon as we have more
contributors, something like debexpo might be valuable too.

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