Take a look at broken Tanglu packages now!

Thomas Funk t.funk at web.de
Mon Jan 13 14:36:54 EST 2014

Am 13.01.2014 17:29, schrieb Matthias Klumpp:
> 2014/1/13 James D. Tyler <james.d.tyler at gmail.com>:
>> [...]
>>> Hi,
>>> I want to help fixing some broken packages. My questions:
>>> - exist logs for each package to see what's happened?
>>> - do I need a build environment or is it enough to build a package
>>>   described here: https://wiki.debian.org/HowToPackageForDebian ?
>>> - If I built a working package where should I upload it?
>>> - Do I need an admission?
> Hi!
> In order to rebuild packages, you will need a build-environment /
> pbuilder set up. How to do that for Tanglu on any Debian-based distro
> is described here: http://wiki.tanglu.org/SetUpPBuilderEnvironment
> But this is only needed in case you have to test builds or need to do
> binary uploads. Source-only uploads are generally okay, if it's just a
> rebuild.
> There are some detailed logs about the problems encountered: See
> http://qa.tanglu.org/aequorea-wspace/ for details (the directory
> contains a YAML file which explains the issues in detail).
> In general, the unfinished transitions are the main problem ;-)
> We have a tool on the ftpmasters side which allows mass-rebuilds for
> some packages, so if you think that is needed we can run it (but that
> has already been done for all current transitions, so new uploads are
> required).
> Especially take a look at http://buildd.tanglu.org for build failures ;-)
> In terms of upload permissions: Are you a Debian Developer/Maintainer
> or Ubuntu developer? 


> Do you have packaging experience?

Yes. With dpkg, dpkg-buildpackage, rpmbuild, makepkg and ebuild

> Do you have a gpg-key with a valid trust path to my key or another Tanglu developer?
> (we can find that out ^^)

No. I've created a gpg key with seahorse a little while ago but I haven't any
experience with GPG ...

So, if you tell me what to do, would be fine ;-)

> If the answer is no for all of these, I can set up a new directory on
> ftp-masters where you can upload to. I will then sign the packages
> again and send them to the incoming queue. If that works well, I can
> give you full upload permission, which will speed up the process a lot
> :-) (and we get notified about each upload by mail, so if there is
> something wrong we will notice that)
> I hope that helps :-)

Yes, great :-)


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