GNOME lovers needed for live-cd help!

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Tue Jan 14 08:23:15 EST 2014


> From: Matthias Klumpp <matthias at>
> Date: 2014/1/13
> Subject: GNOME lovers needed for live-cd help!
> To: Tanglu development list <tanglu-devel at>
> Hi!
> This is just an information for people liking GNOME: While the KDE
> live-cd works fine, the GNOME-CD still has issues, mainly that GDM3 is
> unable to start the GNOME session. If the GNOME-Shell is launched
> manually, it is functional.
> So, if you have some GNOME knowledge and would like to fix this,
> please get in contact. Otherwise, we won't be able to fix this issue
> and won't provide GNOME live-cds at release time.
> Regards,
>     Matthias
I've tested it and the problem could be the gnome-session-daemon.

It ends up in a segfault:
[....] gnome-settings-daemon [...]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp bf9f5bbc error 4 in gnome-settings-daemon[8048000+8000]

I did the following:
1. In the boot menu with [TAB] I edited the boot parameters => adding 'text' to prevent starting X
2. Created a .xinitrc with 'exec gnome-session'
3. Typed 'startx'
4. checked dmesg

Also I started gnome-settings-daemon with --debug => same error

I'll investigate later in that issue.


Btw. The text and graphical install process at the live cd ends up in a kernel panic because no init found.
Perhaps no environment (packed squashfs image) available. Only the vmlinuz and initrd.gz found in the install folder ...

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