Installer News & need for introduction-slideshow

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Wed Jan 15 21:25:28 EST 2014

Good news! The debian-installer is still not working, but I ported the
LMDE installer to Tanglu. This is not the very best option, but it
leads to a working installer ;-)
There are still some issues to kill, but as soon as that is done, we
will create new live-cd snapshots to test the installer.
The installer has a slideshow, which is running during the
instalation, showing some aspects of the new OS. We support two
different slideshows for KDE and GNOME right now. At time, the
slideshows are from another distribution and don't fit well for
Tanglu, so I would invite you to update the slides and redesign the
slides (they are a bit poor, graphically).
I will update some texts soon, but anyone who wants to help can help
with that :-) Localization will also be possible, as soon as we are
There are no programming skills required, you should only know a bit
The source-code for the new live-cd-installer is here:
The slideshows are in the slideshows directory.
The installer itself isn't an advanced piece of technology: It just
dumps the live-cd environment to a disk, chroots into the resulting
image and reconfigures the machine to yield a working system. Simple,
but it works.
And it means you are finally able to install Tanglu!
Cheers & good night!

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