Tanglu B-Release name voting will happen soon

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sat Jan 18 19:08:21 EST 2014

Hi again!
We will need a release name for the next Tanglu release soon. Because
letting only Tanglu developers vote is rather boring at time, I think
it makes sense to do the same thing we did for the logo and let
members of Tanglu-devel vote, because you are following Tanglu
development and are involved with the project.
I think we should do a voting next week, taking 7 days.
So far we received 9 valid proposals (0 invalid ones) for a new
release name. Please check if your proposal is on the list at:
I just changed one release name: "Bacillus Subtilis" was two words, so
we would have to call the next release "Bacillus" (changed the table
to reflect that). This wouldn't be my favourite choice, but we would
certainly be unique with a distribution named "bacillus" :D
I will announce the voting as soon as it starts (I expect that to be
next Tuesday)

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