Aequorea release date planning (Important!)

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Sat Jan 18 20:12:05 EST 2014

Hi everyone!
It's time to make it happen! Tanglu 1.2 should be released soon, so
let's talk about release dates.
I think it is very realistic to release Tanglu 1.2 on 12.Feb.2014
(it's now 1.2 instead of 1.1 because we changed months)
What needs to be done is:
 * Fix all broken packages[1]
 * Complete all transitions[2]
 * Test the installer (there will be an announcement soon)
 * Update the Tanglu slideshows for GNOME and KDE which are shown
during installation
 * Test Tanglu
 * Write release notes
 * Decide on a name for the B-Release
 * Create aequorea-updates source and do lots of archive work for the release
 * Make the new Tanglu website usable & default (please help Éverton)
 * Send out a press release, blog about it, promote it, ... ;-)
 * Possible other stuff along the way
I sketched a schedule at (which might change)
So, if you are working on Tanglu or want to help: Now is the time!
There are also plenty of tasks available which can be done without any
developer skills ;-)
Have a nice day!


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