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2014/1/19  <ca2013 at>:
>> I think it is very realistic to release Tanglu 1.2 on 12.Feb.2014
>> (it's now 1.2 instead of 1.1 because we changed months)
> Sounds a little  bit strange, but yeah....
> Referring to the versions as 14.1 and 14.2 (or non decimal 14-2)
> may cause less surprises and need less explanations.
> The power of good terms shows when they can explain themself, right?
> And BTW, there may later be canonical (meaning: reduced to the simplest and most
> significant form possible without loss of generality) projects basing derivative
> releases on tanglu releases.
> So, time based release numbers may make a some sense.
They are time-based ^^ It's (year-13).(month) as versioning scheme,
similar to what the Ubuntu people do ;-) That's why the first release
is called 1.2 now, because we will release in February, and not
January as planned.
Starting with version 14 just feels a little bit odd for a new distribution...
Right now, we are trying to be as inclusive as possible, to avoid the
formation of derivatives - the Tanglu team is just too small, and it
would be stupid to let people go to start their own thing (as long as
it matches Tanglu's goals, they can contribute to it and maybe create
a spin if they want).
Right now, I plan that Tanglu 1.2 will be released in February, and
Tanglu 1.8 in August (this has the advantage that we lag just enough
behind the KDE and GNOME schedules to make them work nicely and take
possible Debian packaging for use in Tanglu)
Might make sense to add a Wiki page explaining that...

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