release numbers

ca2013 at ca2013 at
Sun Jan 19 06:27:33 EST 2014

Hi! thanks for explaining, I can perfecly understand the reasoning...

> Starting with version 14 just feels a little bit odd for a new
> distribution...

... and also see that 1 != 13 and 1 != 14

> They are time-based ^^ It's (year-13).(month) as versioning scheme...

Well you see, quite some explanation required where we could make live much easier,
now for our long term benefit. The users (not needing any wiki explanations) and us having
to explain trivials.

So, if the first time based release happens in February 2014, it may perfectly be called tanglu 14.02 after all.
(Or, 2014-02 to make it clear like mountain waters, after all turbit has sunken down to earth.)
This can establish clarity for the long term, while still allowing to clearly state (once to begin with)
that the first release is called 14.02 as in February 2014.

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