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eddi1983 at gmx.net eddi1983 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 19 09:03:45 EST 2014

Hallo, I tested the lastest Live-Cd 20140118 KDE-amd64 a little bit in a virtual system.

Thats my conclusions:

LiveCd: I haven't found an issue.

One minor issue: 
The installer want to localize Thunderbird, but Thunderbird were not installed. It is no problem, 
the installaition went through with no errors.

Feature proposal:
Is it possible to show the estimated time of the localization. On low network speed, the user 
could maybe think the installation is frozen. 

Installed system:
One issue: 
The timezone is still on UTC. It wasn't changed by the installer. You have to do this on your own.

Feature proposal:
1. Colored prompt in konsole: I think this is helpfull to color at least the user in green and the 
root in red. 
2. Maybe it is usefull, especially for less experienced users, to include this litte application from 
Linux Mint or is it from Ubuntu, were you can switch easy to proprietary drivers and back on the 
first startup and of course later.

That's all for now and thanks for your great work.
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