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James D. Tyler james.d.tyler at
Mon Jan 20 19:10:23 EST 2014

Hello all. 
as my hardware is getting a little long in the tooth, I guess it is a good 
test to see whether it works with Tanglu. 
I installed the 18 Jan image for KDE.

my first issue was a couple of failed starts with a CDE-styled window 
complaining that I should check my tmp directory. cold boot corrected this.

amarok is not included but a name(no icon) is on the menu.

my installer experience had some interesting wrinkles:
the slideshow has a small gap between the bottom edge of the slide and the 

I noticed the German spelling of Musik for Amarok. 

I couldn't determine the reason for 3 crashes of the installer, however, 
the first was during start of the app. the other two happened during the copy 
phase almost exactly half-way through the copy (according to the progress bar)
I can only guess that first failure was caused perhaps by the screen blanking. 
One seemed to be caused by trying to view the updates available during the 
install. The last attempt I simply kept the mouse moving from time to time and 
I personally monitored the progress of the install. it then finished 

I personally have lvm in use on my system, but that seems to not to be 
included on the disc.

trying to start gparted from the menu to investigate the lvm, I found I could 
not start it without the root password (which was not provided). it did 
however start from the installer button. 

I tried installing the lvm2 from konsole, but I was given a message that the 
live-system couldn't install the software.

on starting the newly installed system, the greeter was a little unhelpful. I 
couldn't tell if it wanted the username or password. perhaps this is a good 
place to put the username and password for user and root.

lvm2 installed easily, and modified the /etc/fstab to include my LV with 
little problem.

my system is a 8 year old Compaq with P4 HT, with 1 GB RAM. LVM2 over 3 HDD 
for 450 GB. I used the DVD image and it took approximately 50 minutes to 
complete the install.

I hope that this information is helpful.
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