Tanglu B-Release name voting will happen soon

ca2013 at arcor.de ca2013 at arcor.de
Tue Jan 21 04:03:49 EST 2014

Hi there,

thanks for the feedback!

----- Ink Apnea
> > By all means, avoid requiring any freak like knowledge from users and
> adding ambiguity.
> While I like the 2014A, 2014B scheme more than the actual 1.2, think
> about the (rare) event when you must release an updated ISO image with
> some critical post release fixes 

The idea with the letters was to use them only as branching names.
(As long as release date is not certain.)
For example 2014B would be the branching code name for the second
release this year. But the release itself would be called and symlinked to
as 2014-08.

Subsequent bug fix releases could just get a day added, if they do
happen in the same month.

(it happened with Linux Mint 14.1) or
> when you release un updated ISO because it's an LTS.
> How do you call them? 2014B.1 and 2014B.2 ? Sadly reminds me of a DVD
> burner firmware :-)
> So I must agree with Alexander Riepl, a classical naming like Debian
> (and Mint) has worked, it's short and simple to sort out. If
> something's unclear with the release dates or nicknames - a quick look
> at a comparison table on wiki.tanglu.org or Wikipedia will take away
> all doubts.

I understand that works, that it has certain effects, and I am looking for
a way we can make all that easier for the mere user, without letting him have 
to dereference unknown variables, so to speak, and regularly introducing 
confusing snoopy associations.

See, there even seems to be some association for a 2014B development
with a firmware. :-)

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