Tanglu B-Release name voting will happen soon

ca2013 at arcor.de ca2013 at arcor.de
Tue Jan 21 04:40:09 EST 2014

Hi Mathias,

> When communicating with user, we should use the version numbers

Yes. And keep in mind that every public pre-release notion in a blog, or mailinglist, etc.
is always part of the user communication as well. (search engine results)

If before the release devs talk about the 2014B release branch, instead of 2014-0x, 
we should be able to remove many old (fixed) problem reports from the search 
results for a released version.

At the same time, talking about some 2014B branch 
should also be comprehensible by every dev new to tanglu, and not confuse anybody
by calling arbitrary (nick) names.

>, which
> IMHO should start at a low number, such as 1.x, or be the release-year
> (like 2014).

Using the date allows for direct comparisons with releases of
other distros, or upstream.
That is why knowing the release-date from the version number is actually
a good thing for a time based releases.

I get trapped into that as well. If one has understood a scheme,
or even devised one, it doesn't seem that easy to step aside and look at
it from the point of "outsiders".

Finally, simply writing down the answer (date) is easier than maintaining separate clues, explanations, 
dictionaries, tables...

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