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Thomas Funk t.funk at
Tue Jan 21 04:42:22 EST 2014

> "Matthias Klumpp" <matthias at> wrote:
> Hi!
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> When communicating with user, we should use the version numbers, which
> IMHO should start at a low number, such as 1.x, or be the release-year
> (like 2014). Having letters in there is not a good idea, we can use
> them to mark alpha/beta releases, and they also don't look nice.
> Having a 1.Month-scheme is nice, because you have some information on
> when the distro was released, for those who care about that. For
> everyone else, it doesn't matter to know release-date from the version
> number - it should simply be a number counted upwards. They will just
> see that 1.2 << 1.8. And Tanglu displays it's version number and
> codename.
> What might make sense would be to skip the second version number, and
> just do it like Fedora: Release Tanglu 1, 2, 3, 4, ... The second
> version number could be reserved for service packs (which we can't do
> at time, not enough people working on stuff).

As Tanglu is a new distribution my personal favour is starting with lower
numbers like 1, 2, 3 whether the year has it's charme, too. But it looks
a little bit strange as the first release is numbered with 14. 2014 as
Gentoo did could be another possibility.

The month idea as Ubuntu does is only fine if Tanglu accomplish a constant
release cycle which isn't possible with the current small team. So I would
prefer also a numbering with 1, 2, 3.

About alphas and betas - characters could be an options but what's happening
if there are more than one or two alpha/betas? B1, B2?

For service packs use a numbering scheme.

>From that point of view I would suggest the following
** the numbering scheme **
<major release>.<service-pack>./-<alpha/beta>
1.0.A1, 1.0-A1

** year scheme **
2014.1-B2, 2014.1.1.B2, 2014.1.1-B2

My favorite is the numbering scheme with a dash between release and


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