boost 1.54, icu 52, libffi 6, and haskell transitions

Matthias Klumpp mak at
Thu Jan 23 17:08:33 EST 2014

The packages look really good! The only thing which would be nice is
if you could state the changes you did in the packages you needed to
modify in order to get them to build ("Rebuild against X" suggests
that no changes have been done to make the rebuild)
Also, the no-change rebuild packages look fine :-)
Are you on IRC at #tanglu-devel? If you want, I can add your key to
the tanglu-developers keyring, so you can upload packages directly to
the Tanglu archives (please adjust the changelog entries before you do
that, though - it makes merging Debian changes back much nicer, later
Oh, and btw: caesium reported only 511.70 MB of free temp space and 0B
of swap space. That's the reason why Jenkins as disconnected it.
Thank you for the good work!

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