Tanglu B-Release codename - vote finished (?)

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Wed Jan 29 13:30:48 EST 2014

Hi everyone!
We might have a release codename!
The results of the vote are as follows:
Beluga:                      20% (4)
Bioluminescence:         0% (0)
Bender:                      20% (4)
Babylonia:                  10% (2)
Bacillus Subtilis:         20% (4)
Bathysphere:                5% (1)
Blennius:                      0% (0)
Bryozoa:                       0% (0)
Bigelow:                        0% (0)
Box Jellyfish:                 0% (0)
Bartholomea Annulata:  25% (5)

Given the rules set for this vote, "Bartholomea" wins for the new
Tanglu release name. But given that the vote was incredibly close, I
would like to ask for comments on doing a second voting round between
Beluga, Bender, Bacillus and Bartholomea, to get a "fair" vote.
Would you agree with doing that? If not (would be an exception and was
not previously announced), congrats to Bartholomea!
I will announce the final decision as soon as we have decided if we
want to do another vote on the 4 favourites.

P.S: Graphic with details attached

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