Call for Tanglu favlor maintainers!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Thu Jul 10 18:35:31 EDT 2014

Hey there!
Just a quick heads up: If you want Tanglu to provide support for your
favourite flavour (MATE, Cinnamon, some specialized variant for
servers, musicians, etc.), you have to act now!
The first task is to get all packages ready which are required for your flavor.
If that is done, we need to supply a seed (just contact me about that)
to generate a meta package for the stuff you want to have installed.
Then, you are able to spin a new live-cd image. It's simple as that,
but a lot of maintenance work needs to go into the packages, and into
In order to get a live-cd published together with the existing GNOME
and KDE images, we need people to claim responsibility for the
released CD and to supply updates to the stable Tanglu release.
The metapackage seeds are independent from that.
It is still some time until Bartholomea is released, but we need some
action now for your flavor to make it into the final release.

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