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Thomas Funk t.funk at
Wed Jun 11 03:21:54 EDT 2014


first of all thank you very much for the forums :-) Hope it will be visit frequently and will be filled with a big pool of good informations ^^

Ok, but now back to the roots ;-)

As Matthias requested:
> Also,, the new Tanglu user forum, is now open for
> beta-testing - so if you want to test the software, just create an
> account and see if you can find bugs.
Here're my first report:
While sending my register request the following website occurs:

Misago has crashed when trying to handle your request.

But it looks that my request has arrived because my entered username and email was already known.
So I'll be waiting for account activasion by the moderator.

The same page occurs while looking inside the bug-tracker page ... and now the error page occurs for ever ... :-(

Could anybody have a look at it? Thanks.

-- Thomas --

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