Tanglu Forums?

Robert Zelník rzelnik at tvorivo.sk
Sun Mar 2 01:58:39 EST 2014

I agree with Technofhilia. Forums are too boring and intricate. Q&A
systems like StackExchange or Quora are much better in organizing
questions and answers in clear and accessible format. It is much
easier to find the required information in Q&A. Starting a new topic
about Tanglu on the existing Q&A portal is just as easy as adding a new
question and add an appropriate "Tanglu" tag.

Dňa Sun, 2 Mar 2014 14:33:15 +0800 (SGT)
"technofhilia at yahoo.com" <technofhilia at yahoo.com> napísal:

> Maybe esotalk could be used. It has clean design and simple
> conversations in the form of forum. Just like ask ubuntu . 
> Website : esotalk.org
> Forum : esotalk.org/forum
> Or stack exchange could be used just like ask Ubuntu.
> Forums are too boring and there are already a lot of debian and
> Ubuntu based guides.  

Robert Zelnik

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