Tanglu Forums?

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Sun Mar 2 07:05:22 EST 2014

Hi all.

>>> And maybe esotalk
>>> Website : esotalk.org
>>> Forum : esotalk.org/forum
>> It looks clean and simple and is Free Software.
> And we can create our own Tanglu theme/skin.
> On the other hand question2answer looks good, too.

I like that esotalk is more a mix of a forum and Q&A only solution.

A Q&A system is good for problem solving, but not so good for chitchat 
and things like: 'Desktop screenshot of the month' threads. I feel these 
kind of things are very important for a community.

A 'problem solving only' attempt often leads to users not really 
identifying with the project (see askubuntu e.g.).


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