Nvidia Problems

john.c at danumlinux.com john.c at danumlinux.com
Mon Mar 3 18:45:50 EST 2014

Steve how did you install the graphics driver, because I used Tanglu  
Driver Manager on my system, fare comment it was slow to install but  
it worked out of the box on my system.
Sorry for the delay in answering but I have been on bathroom detail up  
at Marions dads, or better still trying to make good a diy disaster,  
all done except for hanging the door back on. Oh for a quiet life with  
no hassle.


Quoting s.richardson4633 at tx.rr.com:

> I don't know if anyone has come across this yet so I am passing it on.
> I just downloaded Version 1.0(64) KDE and tried to do an install on  
> a HP Desktop with a Nvidia Card installed.  This system does not  
> have a Video Card on the motherboard so there is not a problem with  
> conflicts between two cards.
> The video looks good during the loading of the OS, but when the  
> desktop finally comes the kicker bar is not usable and I cannot get  
> to anything.  When I "accidentally" get to the right place and  
> something does open it is unreadable.  This problem also occurs with  
> the 'buntu 13.10s so I had to back down to 13.04 to get this system  
> to work.  With this knowledge I assume it has to do with the change  
> in Nvidia drivers between the two releases.  If needed I can find  
> what driver 13.04 is using, but not 13.10.  It would be nice to  
> know, but I cannot get it loaded to check.
> Steve Richardson
> The only stupid question is the one you already know the answer.
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