Upgrade GNOME to 3.14

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sat Oct 4 18:05:46 EDT 2014

Since Debian is shipping GNOME 3.14 with Jessie, and packages for it
are in unstable, it is possible to ship Tanglu 2 with GNOME 3.14 as
well, and I would consider it a good goal.
But this of course takes additional effort and might even delay the
release a bit, although our current (and much bigger) release blockers
are broken d-i and uninstallable packages in bartholomea.
Any thoughts/opinions on upgrading GNOME?
A list of affected packages and their Debian/upstream status can be
seen here: https://www.0d.be/debian/debian-gnome-3.14-status.html


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