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Fri Oct 24 17:55:19 EDT 2014

Hi there,

at the moment I've some problems on my build machine with my Tanglu installation - have used hibernation but the swap was smaller than my ram and thus I get inode errors now which needs first a e2fsck before i can use it again (hopefully) ... @_@

At the moment I have only my laptop to build which is not that fast (core2duo) but I try to fix broken packages as much I can.


Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> Hello Tanglu users and developers!
> (this is cross-posted to tgl-announce, please only reply on -devel)
> As you might have noticed, we are behind our schedule in releasing
> Tanglu 2. There are some good reasons for delaying the release
> (Aequorea is supported at least a month after the next release is
> publicly available), but now only a few points are left before we can
> release.
> So, this email is a reminder about why we can't release Bartholomea
> currently, a public TODO-list as well as information how you can help
> to make the release happen faster.
> == Fix broken packages ==
> *highest priority*
> There are still many broken packages in Bartholomea. Those must either
> be fixed or removed.
> There is a list of broken stuff available at
> in YAML format.
> All new package uploads need to go through staging, so it should be
> made sure that they pass the staging area.
> == Complete ongoing transitions ==
> There are still some incomplete package transitions, which hold
> packages in staging which should really be in Bartholomea instead.
> You can find a list of them here:
> Everything at 0% is not yet started, and shouldn't be started in the
> Bartholomea cycle.
> == Help packages migrate from Staging ==
> There are still packages failing to migrate from Staging to
> Bartholomea. While this is not fatal, it might fix bugs to have the
> packages in the next release, and helping stuff to migrate is always a
> good idea, since new packages will clear staging much faster.
> A list of stuff which is currentöy failing to migrate can be found at
> == Test the Debian-Installer ==
> The Debian-Installer (d-i) for Tanglu needs some more testing. Hand in
> hand with that goes testing of the latest update of nfs-utils, which
> provides Tanglu with a new upstream version of the package, fixing
> many bugs (including one which made d-i not usable), but that update
> might have induces new issues, especially because we are fully using
> the systemd units for it now. So please test that as well if you are
> using NFS.
> The d-i for Tanglu can easily be tested using this example NetInstall
> iso:
> == Fix KDE issues ==
> This is basically helping packages migrate from staging and testing
> our current default desktop, to see if everything works well. Anyone
> can do that :-)
> Bonus points go to the one who can help identifying the issue why sddm
> suddenly stopped logging in the live-user on Tanglu's daily snapshot
> ISOs.
> Daily snapshots of the Tanglu development state can be downloaded at
> (currently, due to
> the d-i inclusion, there are none, but they will get available again
> very soon)
> == Implement GNOME 3.14 ==
> The Tanglu GNOME desktop needs some integration work as well, to see
> that all components of GNOME 3.14 work well together and that the
> first start experience of the desktop is great.
> Please help with that if you care about GNOME!
> == Do dist-upgrade testing ==
> So far, the reports of user migrating from aequorea to bartholomea
> have been very positive. But it can't hurt to do a bit more
> dist-upgrade testing.
> == Test systemd ==
> Do you have issues with systemd? Please report them to the bugtracker,
> so we can fix them quickly!
> Often providing a .service file in the problematic package is enough
> to get everything working smoothly.
> == Fix or defer all bugs and issues assigned to this release ==
> Just take a look at
> Many of these will unfortunately have to be moved to Tanglu 3.
> In general, we need a lot more testing. The website is
> the perfect place to find new tasks to work on and issues to solve for
> Tanglu developers, and there are lots of easy tasks new developers can
> start with.
> Thanks to our users for your patience in waiting for the next release,
> and thanks to all contributors for their amazing work on Bartholomea!
> Kind regards,
>     Matthias Klumpp
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