Tanglu 3 Future

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Tue Jan 20 05:20:04 EST 2015

Hi there!
There are a few things we would need to discuss for Tanglu 3, the most
important ones I want to outline here, especially since the first ones
affect the whole project.

## Infrastructure & Funding

We see a continuous increase of Tanglu users, especially since Linux
Mint announced to stick with Debian Stable as their base for LMDE.
Currently, Tanglu has exactly zero budget and completely builds upon
generous infrastructure donations.
I would feel a bit safer if we could have at least a small budget to
pay expenses if needed, so we could handle it in case one of our
sponsors would e.g. need the hardware for themselves.
Currently, in case that would happen, it would mean that we would have
to shut down services or reduce the package build speed due to less
Which is another point I want to address: We need more build machines
- the current build queue took weeks to just get 50% complete.
My plan for the latter issue is to put another call for infrastructure
on tanglu-announce.
For the funding thing, we still have the same options as before: Join
a organization which handles that for us, create our own organization
or have a private person handle it.
For the first option, we would need to e.g. apply at the SPI, the
second option has a substantial administrative overhead and the last
option means that donators can not get tax relief and we have to trust
one party.
The advantage of the last option is, that it doesn't have much
administrative overhead.

My long-term plan is to have Tanglu on really solid grounds, without
too much dependency on single persons.

## Promotion and Blogs

Tanglu advertising, promotion etc. is currently done by our user
community. But it would be pretty cool if we could give some more
inpout, e.g. articles about cool stuff you can do with Tanglu,
spotlight on features it has (would be mostly things from
KDE/GNOME/Debian though ^^) and generally useful information.
So, maybe we can find interested people who don't have to be
developers, but have some writing skills and fun with this kind of

On a sidenote, we should also take a look at Planet Tanglu and fix its
layout and maybe subscribe more people ;-)

The tanglu.org website at least is ready for multiple authors now :-)
And since Mezzanines native multilanguage support does not come along,
I will likely use a 3rd-party plugin soon - seems to work fine for
Mageia, at least.

## Tanglu 3 Features

### KDE 5
Do we want to integrate KDE 5 components into Tanglu 3?
>From me, there's a big "thumbs up" for this plan, but we will likely
need to coordinate the efforts, and also establish a communication
channel to the Kubuntu developers and KDE/Qt-Team at Debian, so we can
share work. Most of the heavy lifting has already been done by those

### GNOME 3.18
Do we have people who want to do that work? The GNOME3 team is tiny
(its actually just me looking at it), but the G3 Tanglu flavor is
pretty popular. So we might need to attract some more developers.

### Sync unstable?
Do we want to switch for syncing with unstable later, to get
improvements which are not in Debian Jessie?

And that's it for now - there's a whole lot more to do, but we will
handle that step-by-step.

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