Tanglu 3 Beta1 release next week!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun May 24 15:26:29 EDT 2015

Hi there!
This is just a heads up for the next Tanglu development release: Beta2
will be released some day next week, highly likely next Friday.

Please ensure that all the stuff you are working on is in a good shape
until then.
After the beta release, we are in hard feature freeze, so only
non-invasive changes to the archive will be allowed.

We also need more suggestions for the Tanglu 4 release codename, so if
you have an idea, take a look at the
http://wiki.tanglu.org/DReleaseNameProposals wiki page ;-)

    Matthias Klumpp

Debian Developer | Freedesktop-Developer
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