Invasive archive work ahead!

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Sun Mar 13 09:44:31 EDT 2016

Hello everyone!
Since the partial "staging" suite causes us a lot of unnecessary work
due to the way our development process works (which includes sometimes
removing packages from the development suite that are unfit for
release), we will switch to a full staging suite today.

This will mean that staging is fully debootstrap-able. In order to not
have the whole index of staging rebuilt on every package upload, we
will be using build queues, which will make package-building much
faster too.

This change requires changes on  Britney, Rapidumo, DAK, Debile and
all builders, so implementing it will take a while, but it will
greatly reduce the amount of work needed for archive maintenance in
At the same time, we will be removing Tanglu 1.0 (Aequorea) from the
main archive and mirrors, to free up some space.

All of these changes take a while, so it will not be possible to
upload packages and have them processed in the next hours - if there
are complications, the "archive frozen" period will extend until
tomorrow (but let's hope everything works out as expected).

Happy hacking!

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