[Tanglu-users] Rolling or not

Olivier Bitsch olivier.bitsch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 06:18:26 EST 2014

Hi Marcus,

As far as we can read on the website, Tanglu is a rolling distribution.
Debian initially only provides security or bug fixes inside a version, so
an apt-get upgrade is enough. But as Tanglu is based on Testing/Sid
distribution, it might be necessary to make an apt-get dist-upgrade to get
all packages updates (be careful what is removed sometime).
I'm not sure this problem will be occured with Tanglu as everythink will be
tested before release, but as Debian sid user, I know that it's needed
often to use dist-upgrade to have all latest packages.
For your information, in one sentence, dist-upgrade only mean "also
install/remove new dependency for the updated packages" and is not
dependent if it's a new release or not.
I hope this give you an enlightenment of your question.

2014-02-22 17:28 GMT+01:00 Marcus Moeller <marcus.moeller at gmx.ch>:

> Hi all.
> From what I have read in the past, I thought Tanglu is a Rolling
> Distribution. Is that really true? Or is it release based and I need to
> dist-upgrade between releases?
> Btw. is apt-get dist-upgrade the recommend update procedure?
> Greets
> Marcus
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