[Tanglu-users] Package-update wants to uninstall many other packages

Richard Kraut fossuser at famka.net
Thu Jun 19 09:17:07 EDT 2014

Hello Tanglu Users,

at the moment Tanglu is running quite good.
But I've got a little problem with 2 package updates.

After running the 'apt-get update' command I'm running the 'apt-get
upgrade' command to install available updates. All updates, until 2,
were installed without any problems.

But the following 2 packages are still not updated:
dpkg-dev, libdpkg-perl

If I try to install these updates via 'apt-get dist-upgrade' apt-get
wants to remove all of the following packages:

apt-build, aptfs, buildd, bzr-builddeb, customdeb, debian-builder,
devscripts, devscripts-el, dgit, emdebian-crush, emdebian-grip,
git-buildpackage, jablicator, java-propose-classpath, javahelper,
libsbuild-perl, license-reconcile, mercurial-buildpackage mini-buildd,
packaging-dev, pkg-perl-tools, primesense-nite-nonfree, pybit-client,
sbuild, sqldeveloper-package, svn-autoreleasedeb, svn-buildpackage,
ubuntu-dev-tools, umegaya and xdeb.

Is there something missing (f.e. another package update?) Is there
another update existing waiting to be uploaded to the update repository?
Or could I ignore these two updates? Is there anybody else who has got
this or a similar problem?


Yours sincerly Richi

Tanglu 1.0 amd64 "Aequorea Victoria"
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