[Tanglu-users] rpcbind not startet

info at bluelupo.net info at bluelupo.net
Sun Jun 22 14:12:06 EDT 2014

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the tip but unfortunately that is not the problem resolves. rpcbind 
is still does not start at boot time, ie I need to mount an NFS share 
continues to start the rpcbind manually.


> Am Samstag, den 21.06.2014, 18:00 +0200 schrieb info at bluelupo.net:
> > When I start "rpcbind" by hand can the the NFS share to mount. What can I
> > do with the rpcbind service start automatically at boot?
> The rpcbind startup script is not a real systemd service. It's just a
> good old SysV-Init script.
> On a console the following command should work for you:
> sudo systemctl enable rpcbind
> This will create the necessary symbolic links in the /etc/rcX.d (X
> stands for the old runlevel number) folders.

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