[Tanglu-users] mouse pause

Announce announce at fenwick.id.au
Tue Jan 27 17:40:11 EST 2015

Hi all,

I've noticed my mouse pauses.  I'll be moving it & it just stops for 
0.25 to 1 sec every few minutes.

Swapping to a wired USB mouse made no difference.  Watching top, when 
the mouse "unfreezes" the migration/? process always appears at the top 
of the list when sorted by CPU usage.
Maybe this is coincidence, but I've seen it a lot.

I understand that the migration process does task allocation between 
processor cores.  But have been able to find little about how to 
configure or stop it.  Could someone send me some links to documentation 
or preferably how-tos?

The mouse may pause for some other reason, if you have any suggestions 
for other things to check, fire away.


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