[Tanglu-users] mouse pause

Graeme Fenwick announce at fenwick.id.au
Wed Jan 28 19:08:15 EST 2015

On 28/01/15 10:26, Joshua N Pritikin wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 09:40:11AM +1100, Announce wrote:
>> I've noticed my mouse pauses.  I'll be moving it & it just stops for 0.25 to
>> 1 sec every few minutes.
>> Swapping to a wired USB mouse made no difference.  Watching top, when the
>> mouse "unfreezes" the migration/? process always appears at the top of the
>> list when sorted by CPU usage.
>> Maybe this is coincidence, but I've seen it a lot.
>> I understand that the migration process does task allocation between
>> processor cores.  But have been able to find little about how to configure
>> or stop it.  Could someone send me some links to documentation or preferably
>> how-tos?
> I really doubt that the kernel can't keep up with mouse movement. I've
> seen these kind of pauses during heavy I/O to slow devices. Does this
> happen during I/O?
Apologies, forgot to mention I'd checked IO.  Well, when I say checked.  
The disk light is not on before/during/after the mouse pause.  Should I 
use something like iostat?  It's not installed & I haven't tried it.

Have also checked dmesg, nothing unusual.

The mouse pause will happen immediately after a reboot, with no 
foreground apps running.  So It's unlikely to something I'm using. It 
must be a background process or hardware issue.

Wonder if it happens before I log in...

Nope, doesn't happen when I'm not logged in.
Before login, head 3 (on a second video card) is disabled.  Sadly it 
doesn't happen after login if head 3 is disabled. :(
Disabling one of the heads on the first video card has no effect. So it 
may well be something to do with the second card.

What to I try next???

>> The mouse may pause for some other reason, if you have any suggestions for
>> other things to check, fire away.
> There is a dconf setting disable-while-typing, but I think that it only
> affects touchpads.

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